River Lane Media is an Australian based video production house that works directly with businesses, marketing agencies and PR companies to produce best-in-class video content. We work closely with our clients to ensure all our content has a measurable benefit to their business. 

Our Services

Do you need a video for your business?
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Do you want more top of funnel traffic? We can help.

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Let’s take those underperforming blogs and turn them into engaging videos.

Our Skills

Production cameras, drones, gimbals, go pros... let's shoot.

Turn that raw footage into something magical.

Logos, supers, captions... get your entire message across.

Let's please your audience with a tight and engaging script

Some projects are complicated, we make them simple.

What are your customers are searching for? We can tell you.

Help your customers find your content by pleasing the YouTube gods.

We can supply you with an ongoing report of how your videos are perfoming on YouTube.

Our Clients

Janine ParesManaging Director/ThinkSmart Marketing.
"River Lane is a great partner for us in delivering video content. They understand the important role video plays in marketing to aid communication, deliver engagement and bring a value proposition to life. Working with them enables us to deliver high quality video to complement our other communications assets."
Christophe HoppeManaging Director/Bausele
"River Lane Media produced a stunning video for our Sydney Opera House watch collection. They helped us to craft an engaging narrative that told a compelling story of the significance of the watch. The video now plays on repeat in the Sydney Opera House shop and has helped convert many visitors into customers. I would recommend Luke and the River Lane team to any other business owners."

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